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Meet the fitness expert 
Barry Pitts

World-leading fitness expert Barry Pitts has been a fully qualified personal trainer for over 16 years, with advanced soft tissue and nutrition qualifications. An industry-leading spokesperson able to articulate complex scientific topics in an understandable and relatable manner, Barry regularly presents and lectures at corporate levels, advising and consulting on specialised bespoke issues.
Barry remains an in-demand, hands-on personal trainer known for his ability to take on incredibly complex clients where other solutions have failed for them. He has practical expertise with clients on wide-ranging issues such as optimising athletic performance, competitive bodybuilding, total transformative body compositions, working with injury, allergies, severe digestive problems, disabilities, and rehabilitation after significant surgeries. Barry also works with clients physically recovering from surgeries, serious injuries, cancer, chemotherapy, and radiation, as well as clients managing chronic health conditions that impact the quality of everyday life.

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