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Petrina Barber 

Beyond The Stoma Founder

Petrina Barber, 41, is a former hedge fund HR manager turned fitness expert from London, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2014 at age 32 just after giving birth to her son whilst running a global business group. She endured aggressive chemotherapy, radiation treatment and numerous surgeries and faced many setbacks including a tumour in her bladder, a blocked bowel leading to an initial bowel resection, ruptured ovarian cyst, kidney failure, ascites and a severe case of sepsis.


In January 2023 she underwent surgery to remove the last of her gynaecological organs and had another bowel surgery resulting in a permanent stoma. She now lives with incurable radiation disease which will require further treatment, surgery and possibly a second stoma urostomy bag for her bladder. She is a walking miracle and has astounded her medical team by defying all the odds and never giving up. She currently lives between London and Dubai with her husband and son and is devoting her spare time to raising awareness and support for those living with a stoma. 

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