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Sophie Brown

Beyond The Stoma  

Sophie Brown, 40, is a ward clerk and student nurse from Mitcham in Surrey who was diagnosed with advanced stage 4 bowel cancer at age 36 in 2019. She underwent a temporary stoma surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and radiochemo treatment. Then in 2020 she had to undergo a total pelvic exenteration surgery leading to her having two permanent stoma bags, one colostomy for the bowel and a urostomy for the bladder.


In 2021 she underwent a liver resection followed by more chemotherapy. Despite all that life has thrown at her, Sophie has continued to rally, becoming an advocate & ambassador for bowel cancer, appearing on multiple podcasts and major bowel cancer campaigns as well as Lorraine's ITV morning show alongside Adele Roberts talking about the impact of Bowel Cancer and the reality of being a black woman living with two stoma bags.

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